Service-based Queue Routing

For a customer, excellent service initially starts with contacting the right service staff member. Being a help desk software, OTRS makes this possible with a clever queue and permission concept. However, if a ticket is created in the external or in the agent interface, one has to choose the suitable queue for his/her request from all existing and shown queues โ€“ not an easy task for a customer or responsible agent. For example a call center agent may not know which queue structure the service company has for the task on which he is working. This means a long decision-making times with a possible wrong result and the loss of precious working time.

This feature now makes it possible to assign queues to several services, so that if this service is selected, then only the appropriate queues are shown. For example the service Support Mobile Devices can be assigned to the queues IT-2nd Level-Support Hardware and IT-2nd Level Support Mobile Applications so the right selection can be made more easily. This module is configured to make all queues reappear with just one click in the agent interface. The feature is disabled in the external interface by default but can be enabled in the system configuration. Time consuming moves to the right queues and overextended customer users are a thing of the past.

  • Simplified assignment of tickets in the correct queue without comprehensive knowledge about the queue structures.

  • Saving time.

  • Reduced workload.

Target Groups
  • Call centers

  • Customer service

  • Service providers

  • IT service management

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSServiceBasedQueueRouting

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