Dynamic Recipients for Templates

Service agents can send emails and notes to several repeating recipients. They can save time in communications by predefined recipients in templates, rather than always adding repeating recipients from scratch, whenever messages must be send to a dedicated list of recipients.

This feature adds the possibility to use any ticket attribute in To and Cc field of a template via OTRS smart tags. With this feature, the administrator can add dynamic recipients for templates.

The recipient fields are already included in Categories For Text Modules feature. What STORM is added, to use OTRS smart tags in the recipient fields.


This feature requires the Categories For Text Modules feature.


Example usage for dynamic recipients:


Depending of the ticket state, <OTRS_TICKET_State>@example.com will be replaced by open@example.com, closed-successful@example.com etc.

If a ticket dynamic field contains a full email address, the dynamic field can be used as an email address in the recipient fields.

To make the support request send to the appropriate company, support@<OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_Company>.com can be used for this, if the dynamic field contains the name of that company.

Drop-down and multi-select dynamic fields are also supported.


The type of ticket OTRS smart tags are supported only like <OTRS_TICKET_...>.

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