System Monitoring

This module implements a basic interface to system monitoring suites.


A network monitoring system, such as Nagios, Icinga2, HP OpenView or similar, capable of sending out events via email is required to use this package.

For Nagios, it works by receiving email messages sent by a network monitoring suite. New tickets are created in case of component failures. Once a ticket has been opened messages regarding the effected component are attached to this ticket. When the component recovers, the ticket state can be changed or the ticket can be closed. If an open ticket for a given host and service combination exists, all mails concerning this particular combination will be attached to the ticket until it’s closed.

For Icinga2, it works by specifying a host and a service in ticket dynamic fields. This combination of host and service is used after a ticket lock is set to generate a HTTP request which is send to the configured Icinga2 host. In Icinga2, this request is used to create or to confirm new incidents.

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • SystemMonitoring

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