Offline Registration

This feature is provided by an additional package. It allows to register the system in an offline environment.


This package is not part of the default STORM installation. Contact OTRS Group to get a special contract to use this feature.

The following system configuration settings need to be enabled and set properly:


  • SMIME::Bin

  • SMIME::CertPath

  • SMIME::PrivatePath

For the offline registration, a registration key file provided by OTRS Group is required.


The offline registration process can be done by either using the administrator interface via the browser or executing a command in the terminal.

To register the system via the administrator interface:

  1. Go to the System Registration screen of the administrator interface.

  2. Upload the registration key file provided by OTRS Group.

  3. Click on the Register button to finish the registration process.

To register the system via the command line:

  1. Save the registration key file provided by the OTRS Group somewhere in the system where the otrs user have read access.

  2. As the otrs user, open the terminal and navigate to the home folder of STORM.

  3. Execute the following command:

    otrs> bin/ Admin::OfflineRegistration::LoadKey --key-path PATH_TO_KEY_FILE

A contract is attached to the registration key file. This contract might contain an expiration date. Some days before it expires the system will show warning messages about it (same mechanism as with an online registration). To continue use the system without any interruption it is necessary to contact OTRS Group to renew the contract and get a new registration key.

Any new registration key can be loaded into the system by using any of the methods described above at any time within the current contract expiration date.


After a contract is expired the graphical user interface of STORM will be restricted and it can not be used. In such case is needed to use the command line method to load the new registration key file and renew the contract.

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