Configuration Items

Quotas will be managed in specific configuration item classes in the General Catalog. This simplifies the handling of quotas. There is versioning of quota configuration items so that the latest version of the quota is always up-to-date and the quota history remains audit-proof.

The quotas are now divided into time-based and volume-based quotas. Time-based quotas are reduced by time units accounted in each article while volume-based quotas are reduced by 1 per tickets. This allows our customers to choose the mode in which they offer their contracts.

Since time-based and volume-based quotas have major differences in their specific handling, there are two separate system configuration settings specifically designed for each use case. Quotas can be added like any other configuration item. The class definition is the same for both quota types.

Quota Properties

Quota Properties

The following settings are available when adding or editing this resource. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Customer Company *

The customer where the quota is assigned to.

Quota Total *

Total amount of quota. This amount will be renewed if needed.

Used Quota *

How much quota is used by the customer at the creation time of the configuration item. Set to 0 if no quota is used yet.

Remaining Quota *

How much quota is remaining for the customer. Set the same amount as Quota Total if no quota is used yet.

Last Used Reference

Reference to the ticket where the quota is used. Leave it empty if no quota is used yet.

Notification Percentage

A notification will be sent if the quota usage reached this percentage.

Notification Sent *

Whether a notification was sent. Set to No if no quota is used yet.

Automatic Renewal

Quota renewal possibility after the configured renewal frequency.

Renewal Repetition Limit

How many times should the quota be renewed.

Renewal Time Limit

What is the last date for the quota renewal.

Last Renewal

The date of the last quota renewal.

Renewal Count

How many renewal happened.

The newly created configuration item will be displayed in the Configuration Item Overview screen and in the Customers detail view of the relevant customer.

If any renewal option has been set, the quota will be reset after the configured time period.

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