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In some situations it is necessary to have knowledge about the login and logout activities of the users. With this feature it is possible to see in the system log which users have been logged in and out.

This feature does not have any user interface, it only logs the activities in the system log. However, the System Log module of the Administration group in the administrator interface can be used to review the log entries.


The following system configuration settings have to be changed to enable the feature.

  • MinimumLogLevel โ†’ info

  • UserLoginLogoutLog โ†’ enabled

The following system configuration settings define an optional prefix for the log entries. This makes it easier to parse the log file.

  • UserLoginLogoutLog::LoginMessagePrefix

  • UserLoginLogoutLog::LogoutMessagePrefix


As an agent, login to the system and then logout. As an administrator, check the system log.

The login and logout data are displayed as log entries. If the prefixes for login and logout are defined then the entries contain this prefix.

Thu Oct 22 14:51:53 2020 (Europe/Berlin)   info   WebApp-10   LOGOUT_EVENT - Logout by 'John Smith'.
Thu Oct 22 14:51:26 2020 (Europe/Berlin)   info   WebApp-10   LOGIN_EVENT - Login by 'John Smith'.
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