Administrator Interface

This chapter describes the new features that are available in the administrator interface after installation of the package.

Control Flow for Nagios

The following control flow illustrates how mails are handled by this module and in which cases they trigger which action. Pretty much all checks are configurable using the regular expressions given by the parameters listed below.

  • Mail matches FromAddress?

    • NO โ†’ Continue with regular mail processing

    • YES โ†’ Does a ticket with matching host and service combination already exist in OTRS?

      • NO โ†’ Does State: match NewTicketRegExp?

        • NO โ†’ Stop processing this mail (silent drop)

        • YES โ†’ Create new ticket, record host and service, attach mail

      • YES โ†’ Attach mail to ticket. Does State: match CloseTicketRegExp?

        • NO โ†’ Continue with regular mail processing

        • YES โ†’ Change ticket type as configured in CloseActionState

Besides of a few additional sanity checks this is how the system monitoring module treats incoming mails. By changing the regular expressions it should be possible to adopt it to different monitoring systems.

Icinga2 Acknowledge

A new ticket is created with values in the specified dynamic fields which are needed as combination of host and service for the communication to the Icinga2 host. After this newly created ticket is locked to an agent, a HTTP request is send to the configured Icinga2 host. In the Icinga2 host a new acknowledge is created or an existing one is confirmed.

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