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With the article meta filters you can define a configuration with regular expression of search criteria you would like to search for inside an article. The feature can provide links that uses these search criteria you searched for in an article. This is similar to the CVE numbers meta filter built in the OTRS framework.

The idea of this feature is to provide a very similar feature as already present in the OTRS framework, but instead of search based on some criteria on the internet or display something from the internet we want to have this meta filter make use the document search engine to search for anything you would like to search in an article and inside other objects of OTRS like tickets, knowledge base articles, appointments or any other business objects.

By default, there are some article meta filters shipped with STORM. If you search for host names, servers or IP addresses, it creates buttons with links to the document search.


The feature can be enabled with the AgentFrontend::TicketDetailView::ArticleMeta setting. This setting is required for the meta filters built in the OTRS framework, but this is also required to the document search article meta filter.

There are three examples in the AgentFrontend::TicketDetailView::ArticleMetaFilters::DocumentSearch###0001-OTRSSTORM setting, but all of them are inactive by default. To activate any of them, just change the value of the Active key to 1.

The first example will search for host names, the second example will search for servers, and the third example will search for IP addresses. You can see what regular expressions are defined in the RegExp array.

There is an other setting AgentFrontend::TicketDetailView::ArticleMetaFilters::DocumentSearch###0002-Custom where the administrators can define custom meta filters.


It is not recommended to change or extend the examples, because the built in examples can be changed in the future. Please use the custom setting to define the own meta filters.

The preview feature requires an additional setting. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the STORM instance have to be added to the frame-src key of the WebApp::Server::AdditionalOrigins setting. Otherwise the preview feature will not work.


This example will show how to use this feature to search for IP addresses. For this, one of the built in examples is used. We assumed, that this example meta filter is activated as described above.

To see all article possibilities of the feature, appointments, knowledge base articles and tickets are needed which have an IP address ( and in its text fields. For this example:

  1. Create an appointment with an IP address in the description.

  2. Create a knowledge base article with the same IP address in the Symptom or Problem fields.

  3. Create a couple of tickets with articles that contain the same IP address.

To search for IP addresses:

  1. Create a new ticket.

  2. Fill in the required fields.

  3. Enter the following text in the body: Your IP address is and your subnet mask is

  4. Go to the ticket detail view of the newly created ticket.

  5. Expand the first article in the Communication Stream widget to see the buttons below the article.

The engine will search for all possible IP addresses in the article as configured by the regular expression.

The buttons point to the search results of a document search. This should be returned the same search results when an agent starts a search for the given IP addresses. The text for the buttons (IP Address in this example) comes from the Label key of the underlying system configuration setting.

If the agents hover the mouse over a button, they will get a preview of the search results screen. Clicking on the buttons will open the search results screen.

This feature works for all articles of a ticket.

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