Service Management

The service desk (which, according to ITIL, is not a process but a function) is usually the ticket system’s main field of application. All user messages and notifications from system monitoring and internal IT organization converge here. The ITIL service management process, closely interwoven with the service desk, describes which work steps, information, escalations and/or interfaces are relevant in connection with the processing of incidents or service requests.

This package adds new objects and basic functionalities needed for common features and processes of ITIL implementation. It contains the general catalog, which is the basic for ITSM relevant configurations in the service management. Additionally, adds new statistics to the system for ensuring that all service level agreements are appropriate and satisfy the agreements, as well as to monitor and report on service levels.

The incident and problem management processes within OTRS::ITSM are based on ITIL recommendations and ITIL terminology. At the same time, user comfort was a main consideration, and terms known from OTRS have been retained as much as possible.

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