Web Services

A new web service has been created automatically on package installation.


To configure the baramundi Inventory remote web service:

  1. Go to the Web Service Management screen and look for a web service named Baramundi.

  2. Click on the Baramundi web service to open for configuration.

  3. Click on the Configure button to edit the network transport in the section OTRS as requester next to the selected network transport HTTP::RESTBarmundi.

    Baramundi Web Service

    Baramundi Web Service

  4. Change the endpoint to match your baramundi Inventory server and set correct values for BasicAuth user and password.

    Baramundi Network Transport Properties

    Baramundi Network Transport Properties

  5. Click on the Save or Save and finish button.

If you are satisfied with the functionality at a later time it is recommended to change the debug threshold on the web service to Error. This considerably reduces logging and potentially improves the web service performance.

Triggering the Remote Web Service Manually

The package provides a console command to trigger the three supported controllers by specifying the requested controller as an argument.


This feature is only available to On-Premise customers. If you are a Managed customer, this feature is taken care of by the Customer Solutions Team in OTRS. Please contact us via support@otrs.com or in the OTRS Portal.

The controller Endpoints retrieves devices/clients managed by baramundi and synchronizes them into the CMDB class BaramundiCI.

bin/otrs.Console.pl Maint::BaramundiInventory::Trigger Endpoints

The controller SoftwareScanRules retrieves software managed by baramundi and synchronizes them into the CMDB class BaramundiCISoftware.

bin/otrs.Console.pl Maint::BaramundiInventory::Trigger SoftwareScanRules

The controller EndpointInvSoftware retrieves associations between devices and software managed by baramundi and synchronizes them into OTRS via DependsOn/RequiredFor links between the configuration items.

bin/otrs.Console.pl Maint::BaramundiInventory::Trigger EndpointInvSoftware

Please note that execution is asynchronous and requests might take several minutes to be completed (especially the EndpointInvSoftware controller), depending on the amount of data provided by baramundi Inventory.

Correct execution can be checked via the generic interface debugger. By default response data exceeding 200 kB is suppressed. If you desire to raise or lower this limit, please change the configuration value for GenericInterface::Operation::ResponseLoggingMaxSize in the system configuration.

OTRS prevents simultaneous execution of more than one controller of each type automatically.

Triggering the Remote Web Service Automatically

If you would like the controllers to be run periodically in order to keep OTRS synchronized with baramundi Inventory, the daemon tasks provided by this package can be enabled in the Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###Baramundi system configuration. Please adjust the default frequency of 20 minutes to your requirements.


High frequencies might affect the system performance.

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