This manual is intended for use by system administrators. The chapters describe the updating of the OTRS software.

There is no graphical user interface for updating. System administrators have to follow the steps described in the following chapters.

All console commands look like username> command-to-execute. Username indicates the user account of the operating system, which need to use to execute the command. If a command starts with root>, you have to execute the command as a user who has root permissions. If a command starts with otrs>, you have to execute the command as the user created for OTRS.


Don’t select username> when you copy the command and paste it to the shell. Otherwise you will get an error.

We supposed that OTRS is installed to /opt/otrs. If OTRS is installed to a different directory, then you have to change the path in the commands or create a symbolic link to this directory.

root> ln -s /path/to/otrs /opt/otrs
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