Ticket Notifications

After installation of the package a new ticket notification will be added to the system.

New Ticket Notification

Missing DTT assignment for CustomerGroup

If no template is assigned to a group and the notification is enabled, such notification can be customized by adding different recipients or updating the notification body.

To configure the optional settings for the notification:

  1. Go to the System Configuration screen.

  2. Select OTRSTicketForms in the Navigation widget.

  3. Navigate to Core โ†’ DynamicTicketTemplate in the navigation tree.

  4. Enable Ticket::DynamicTicketTemplate::CustomerGroup::Notify setting to send a notification if a customer does not use a template to create a ticket.

  5. Add agent login names to Ticket::DynamicTicketTemplate::CustomerGroup::NotifyAgents setting. The agent list in this setting will receive the notification when a user creates a ticket without using a template.

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