Dynamic Field CI

This feature makes it possible to show configuration items from the OTRS CMDB in dynamic fields in ticket screens in the agent and external interface. This speeds up the ticket creation process for agents and customer users by enabling the use of filters so that only those configuration items that are relevant for the customer company are shown and can be selected in the ticket screens. In addition, the configuration item search function can also be used directly in the ticket. Filters can be defined, e.g. based on:

  • Configuration item class

  • Usage status

  • Incident status

  • Customer ID

  • Customer user ID

  • Attribute

In addition, the following configurations are possible:

  • Automatic linking and type of linking between configuration item and ticket.

  • How and in which ticket screens the configuration item should be shown (e.g. as a drop-down list or a tree view).

  • Visualization in the external or agent interface.

  • Customer-based visualization and selection of configuration items when creating a ticket in the external interface.

  • Faster ticket creation thanks to the use of filters to choose which configuration items should be shown, e.g. according to class, usage status, incident status, etc.

  • Maximum flexibility through use in different ticket screens for customer users and/or agents.

  • Rapid search for configuration items when creating a ticket.

  • Useful for statistics and automatic ticket notifications.

Target Groups
  • Customers of companies that offer services for different devices or products

  • Customer service

  • Internal and external IT

  • Facility management

  • Sales

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSDynamicFieldCI


This feature requires the Configuration Management feature.


Not compatible with the following feature:

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