LDAP Password Notifications

This feature displays the directory service password policy password expiration message that was previously displayed to users only after they logged on to corporate workstations.

Because of the messages, users can keep their passwords up to date so they can avoid having to update them after log in. This is especially important for users, either agent or a customer user, who need to respond to a ticket in a very short time. In this case, the user can always respond quickly to messages because they do not have to spend valuable minutes updating their expired password.

Notifications can be displayed in several phases, which can be individually configured in the system settings. In the first phase, OTRS informs users via a warning message a few days before the password expires, telling them how many days are left until it needs to get changed.

Notification on Agent Interface

Notification on Agent Interface

Notification on External Interface

Notification on External Interface

If companies provide a separate website for updating passwords, it is possible to configure notifications with a link to that website so that users can update their expiring passwords for the notification immediately.

This feature is not enabled by default.

To enable the feature:

  1. Go to the System Configuration screen of the administrator interface.

  2. Search for the setting AuthLDAP::PasswordNotification::Enabled.

  3. Enable the feature.

See also

Relevant system configurations:

  • AgentFrontend::NotifyDaysBeforeExpiry

  • AgentFrontend::PasswordChangeLink

  • AgentFrontend::NotifyModule###9001-AgentLDAPPassword-Check

  • ExternalFrontend::NotifyDaysBeforeExpiry

  • ExternalFrontend::PasswordChangeLink

  • ExternalFrontend::NotifyModule###9001-CustomerLDAPPassword-Check

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