Notification Plain Text Email Options

This feature adds the possibility to send outgoing appointment notification and ticket notification emails in plain text. This can be useful whenever a remote system cannot read rich text emails.


To send the email notification as plain text:

  1. Open the Appointment Notifications or the Ticket Notifications in the administrator interface.

  2. Add a new notification or select an existing notification from the list of notifications.

  3. Check the Send email as plain text field.

    Notification Methods Section

    Notification Methods Section

If the checkbox is checked, the rich text editor is changed to a regular text area in the Notification Text section. Only plain text can be entered in the text area for the content of the email.

Furthermore, the Email template field is selected to Unformatted and set to read-only. All emails that are sent by a such configured notification are in plain text format.

OTRS smart tags are still supported in the plain text format.

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