Time and Quota Management

This feature is ideal for call centers, IT service providers or any company that wants to assign time or quantity-based quotas to their customers.

The feature provides a dashboard widget in the detail view of the respective customer that displays time unit quotas or volume quotas with reference numbers to tickets and the current status of the quota. The time unit and volume quotas are maintained in the CMDB and they can be assigned to the respective customers.

As an alternative to calculating times, the amount of incident reports, for example, can also be taken as the basis for calculating the number still available.

  • Simple time recording and transparent documentation in one system.

  • Having an overview of current quotas facilitates planning and implementation.

Target Groups
  • IT service management

  • Call centers

  • Service providers

  • All companies

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSTimeAndQuotaManagement


This feature requires the Configuration Management feature.

This feature requires the Ticket Time Unit Dropdown feature.

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