Tagging Labels for Attachments

This feature allows to tag attachments with labels, so that security analysts can save a lot of time when searching for already analyzed attachments, rather than wasting time for analyzing attachments but not tagging them according to the analysis results, whenever attachments must be classified.


This feature has similar functionality as Shared Ticket Watchlists but for attachments.

The attachment tag overview can be accessed via the attachment icon in the organizer sidebar.

Attachment Tag Overview

Attachment Tag Overview

It is possible to edit, share and delete an attachment tag as well as change the owner. If the attachment tag is shared, it will be visible to any agents in the system.

When an agent creates an attachment tag, the tag can be added to the attachments in any Attachments widget in a business object detail view.

Permission level to grant add or remove attachments to a shared tag can be defined in AgentFrontend::SharedTags::Attachment::PermissionType setting.

Attachments Widget

Attachments Widget

Using Attachment Tags as Ticket Filter

The attachment tags can be also used as a ticket filter. They work as any other filter in a ticket list. If you use the filter, you can select one or more attachment tag names (that you have access to).

If a ticket has at least one article attachment that belongs to one of the selected attachment tags, this ticket will be displayed in the filtered list.

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