Ticket Forms

For service organizations that use the OTRS helpdesk software in different departments or that have to respond to many different types of customer requests, this feature is a definite must-have. With it you can display different ticket masks and forms in the agent and external interfaces, depending on which dynamic fields are relevant to the customer request. Moreover, the ticket creation process is faster as headlines and message body fields are pre-filled with the necessary information. You can define required fields for forms as well as display pre-filled fields, such as ticket types and services, in the external interface based on the customer group settings. You can also pre-fill ticket masks by adding attachments, using Rich Text format, or using the OTRS smart tags <OTRS_CONFIG_*> and <OTRS_CURRENT_*> in the template body.

With this feature the following screens can be configured:

  • Agent interface

    • New phone ticket

    • New email ticket

  • External interface

    • New ticket

In addition, the included feature Hide/Show Dynamic Fields, which is also available as a separate feature, enables you to define which dynamic fields you want to display in your ticket forms and which ones you want to hide. This gives you more freedom to configure all ticket screens to your specific needs.

  • Flexible reaction to a variety of customer requests.

  • Acceleration of processes by using forms.

  • Increases the completeness of forms by defining mandatory fields.

Target Groups
  • Customer service/support

  • IT service management

  • Sales

  • Public authorities

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSTicketForms


Not compatible with the following features:

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