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This feature makes it possible for a customer user to see and select the configuration items of his company in the external interface to link them to new tickets.

Company Configuration Items

A new screen Company Configuration Items shows a list of all configuration items that belong to the same company as the customer user. Belonging to the same company means, that the configuration items must
have a CustomerID field that has the same value as the customer user. In the external ticket detail view all linked configuration items that belong to the company of the customer user are
shown as well.

If desired, the required association of configuration items to the company of the customer user can be decreased by setting a maximum level to check linked configuration items. If this feature is enabled, configuration items are also accessible to customer users if they do not belong to the company directly, but a linked configuration item is (up to the configured number of links away).

The configuration item details can be access from the configuration items list. This details screen shows the last version of the configuration item, links to other configuration items (if
they belong to the same company).

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This screen is not added to any menu of the external interface by default. To create a link to the Company Configuration Items screen, an administrator needs to add /itsmconfigitem/overview to the Link input field and add a name in the Name field in one of the following settings of the system configuration:

  • ExternalFrontend::Menu###Top

  • ExternalFrontend::Menu###Main

  • ExternalFrontend::Menu###Bottom

Company Configuration Items Screen

Company Configuration Items Screen

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The visible columns can be defined in the following setting:

  • ExternalFrontend::ITSMConfigItemOverview###ShowColumns

If multiple classes of configuration items are available in the external interface, an All filter is displayed to see all classes. The Class column is always visible, when the filter All is selected.

Clicking on a configuration item will show the detail view.

Configuration Item Details Screen

Configuration Item Details Screen

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