Defines an overview module to show the small view of a survey list.

Default value:

Image: overviewsmall.png
ImageSelected: overviewsmall-selected.png
Module: Kernel::Output::HTML::SurveyOverview::Small
Name: Small
NameShort: S
PageShown: '25'


Defines the shown columns in the survey overview. This option has no effect on the position of the columns.

This setting can not be deactivated.

Default value:

ChangeBy: '0'
ChangeTime: '0'
CreateBy: '0'
CreateTime: '1'
Description: '0'
Introduction: '0'
NotificationBody: '0'
NotificationSender: '0'
NotificationSubject: '0'
Number: '1'
Status: '1'
Title: '1'
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