Out of Office

This feature ignores out-of-office messages. As a rule, after processing a ticket, a final message is sent to a customer stating that the request has been completed. Then, the ticket is closed. If the message recipient has an out-of-office message turned on, this gets sent back to OTRS as a reply. This causes the closed ticket to be automatically re-opened. An employee must then manually close the ticket again. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you have frequent email traffic.

With the feature, the system stops responding to out-of-office messages, which means tickets are not reopened when these messages are received. You can flexibly configure which out-of-office messages should be ignored.

This feature allows to create articles for a ticket with the X-OTRS-OutOfOffice header without changing the status of the ticket. It also prevents the locking of the ticket if mentioned header is present.

To configure this feature:

  1. Go to the System Configuration screen.

  2. Search for the setting OTRSOutOfOffice-Header and enable it.

  3. Search for the setting PostmasterX-Header and add the X-OTRS-OutOfOffice header to the end of the list.

  4. Deploy the settings.

  5. Go to the Postmaster Filters screen and add a new postmaster filter.

  6. Set email header X-OTRS-OutOfOffice with value 1 of an incoming email based on whatever regular expression or text you want to use (e.g. Subject: [Out of Office]).

  7. Click on the Save button.

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