Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Personal Dashboard (d)

  • Statistics and Reports (v)

  • Calendar Overview (c)

  • Start Process (p)

  • Take Phone Call (n)

  • Send Email (m)

  • Send SMS (b)

  • Show Unresolved (o)

  • Show Unlocked (l)

  • Show Reached Reminders (r)

  • Show Escalations (e)

  • Show Recently Created (t)

  • Show Recently Closed (z)

Knowledge Management
  • Add Knowledge (k)

  • Show Recently Added (a)

  • Show Recently Updated (u)

  • Show Highest Rated (h)

Customer Management
  • Create Customer (y)

  • Create Customer User (x)

  • Add Appointment (j)

  • Open Administrator Dashboard (f)

  • Open System Configuration (g)

  • Manage Contacts with Data (q)

  • Start a search (s)

See also

The accesskey activation depends on the browser and the used platform. Please refer to the acceskey chapter in MDN Web Docs for more information.

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