Generic Agent

The ticket service should be the base for the sender address, but only dynamic field values are supported by this feature.

In order to allow using the service, create a new dynamic field and use a generic agent job. The helper module will be added in order to automatically fill the new dynamic field with the service name.

To fill the dynamic field value with the service name:

  1. Create the dynamic field Service Copy, but do not configure for display on any ticket screen.

    • Object type: Ticket

    • Field type: Text

    • Name: ServiceCopy

    • Label: Service Copy

  2. Create a generic agent job.

    • Event Based Execution section: Set the events TicketCreate and TicketServiceUpdate as triggers.

    • Select Tickets section: Set filters if the field should not be set globally (e. g. restricting this to specific queues).

    • Execute Custom Module section:

      • Module: Kernel::System::GenericAgent::CopyTicketValueToDynamicField

      • Param key: Ticket_Service

      • Param value: ServiceCopy

      Module parameters control which fields should be copied. The key determines the ticket attribute (service, queue, etc.) and the value determines the name of the destination dynamic field.


      Ticket_ prefix is needed if Services is used as parameter key. It will be included on the values for setting new values on ticket and it is not possible to get a real value for it, then as consequence the value for this ticket field will be empty.

  3. Mapping from dynamic field values can now be used to link service names to actual sender addresses.

Generic Agent Configuration Example

Generic Agent Configuration Example

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