Dynamic Fields

Use this screen to manage dynamic fields for appointments. Dynamic fields for appointments have to be configured in the same way as dynamic fields for other object. Once you have set up the dynamic fields, you have to activate the dynamic fields for calendars.

To activate dynamic fields for calendars:

  1. Go to the Calendars screen.

  2. Select a calendar or create a new one.

  3. Find the Dynamic Fields section in the Manage Settings widget.

  4. Define for each appointment dynamic field to Hide, Show, Show as mandatory or Use form configuration.

The dynamic fields can be added to the Linked Appointments widget of the detail views as well. The following settings have to be extended:

  • AgentFrontend::TicketDetailView::Widget###LinkedObjects::CalendarAppointment

  • AgentFrontend::KnowledgeBaseArticleDetailView::Widget###KBALinkedObjects::CalendarAppointment

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