Restrict Customer Data View

Service organizations that go global or have a wide range of products have to outsource their customer service to distribution partners or call centers. When that happens, the security of customer data is very important and only the appropriate third party providing the service should have access to customer information.

This feature makes this kind of defined access possible by assigning customer IDs to partner IDs. It enhances and improves the customer detail view of the standard OTRS version and specifies whose customer data can be accessed by all agents. When customer data is retrieved from any LDAP back end or the local database, the feature checks for a partner ID in the agent’s user data which must origin from an LDAP agent back end; then, only returns those customer users whose customer IDs are assigned to the agent’s partner ID. Therefore, agents of a partner ID can only see customer data of belonging to the assigned customer ID. If there is no customer ID assigned to a partner ID, the agents are not allowed to see any customer data. If no partner ID has been created, all agents can see all customer data.

The first configuration steps after the installation are the configuration of the LDAP server connection and the mapping of partner IDs to customer IDs with the help of a graphical interface. The administration of those connections can also be managed in a separate dashboard.

  • Specific allocation of access permissions allows protection of your customer data.

  • Simplifies the collaboration with subsidiaries, subcontractors and partners.

Target Groups
  • International companies

  • Call centers

  • Companies offering a wide range of products

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSRestrictCustomerDataView

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