Categories for Text Modules

The standard OTRS help desk allows your service agents to quickly respond to normal or recurring service requests by leveraging pre-defined text modules to answer the tickets. These text modules are displayed in a single unsorted list, which may cause difficulty when there are a large number of pre-defined text modules. The feature allows you to group certain text modules by category and implements a category folder structure for standard templates.

For example, a typical recurring question is the request to send out a user guide for one of your specific products. Today, you would probably browse down the long list of your pre-defined text modules and, once you finally have identified the right one with the user guide attached, you would send it out.

With this feature, you consolidate all text modules related to your products’ user guides in a separate category like User Guides. You can find it quickly, saving a lot of time trying to retrieve this information. This reduces your response time.

  • By building template categories recurrent requests can be answered even faster.

  • Facilitates job training of new agents.

Target Groups
  • IT service management

  • Call centers

  • Service providers

  • Any company working with SLAs

Available in Service Package

Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSCategoriesForTextModules

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