This package provides ticket watchlists and reminders for them in the ticket detail view, as well as adds a watchlist overview.

Use this screen to add tickets to a watchlist or to remove tickets from a watchlist. A new menu item Watchlists is available in the breadcrumb bar.

Watchlists Menu

Watchlists Menu

The ticket can be assigned to a watchlist via this menu item by using the toggle button. Additionally, the ticket can be removed from a watchlist. The Add New Watchlist button opens the Ticket Watchlist Overview screen and the Create Ticket Watchlist action.

If the ticket is added to the watchlist, the menu item will be changed to the color defined for the watchlist. If the ticket is added to multiple watchlists, all colors will be displayed.

Added Ticket to Watchlist

Added Ticket to Watchlist

Use the bell icon to set a reminder for the ticket in the watchlist. For this, the agent has to be subscribed to the ticket or it has to be assigned to one of his watchlists.


This option is visible only, if the ticket is already added to a watchlist.

The Watchlist Reminder action has the following fields by default:

Reminder active

Controls, whether the reminder is active or not. New reminders will be added only if this checkbox is checked. For existing reminders, unchecking the checkbox will remove the reminder.

Reminder Time *

Set the date and time when the reminder should be displayed.

Reminder for *

Select a watchlist from the drop-down list.


Add additional information to the reminder text.


There can only be one active reminder per agent and ticket. Notifications are only being sent every ten minutes.

If a reminder is defined for the ticket in a watchlist, the bell icon will be filled.

Active Watchlist Reminder

Active Watchlist Reminder

A watchlist belongs to the agent who created it. The list can be moved to another agent in the Ticket Watchlist Overview screen. When moving a watchlist to another agent, reminders will also be moved.

In this case, where the owner of the watchlist is changed, the notification that is sent is different that the others. It can only be sent by the email notification method and it should not contain any ticket related OTRS smart tag (if so they will be removed before sending) as there is no ticket involved in the process that triggers the event.

The default Watchlist move notification is attached to the event WatchlistMoveNotification. This and any other ticket notification attached to the same event should prevent the use of these ticket related OTRS smart tags.

Reminders will only be sent if the assigned agent at this time still has access to the watchlist containing the ticket and/or still is subscribed to the ticket.

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