Kernel::WebApp::Controller::API::Role::ProvidesSimpleRedirect – Provides redirects for legacy routes.


Provides a simple way to define redirects for legacy URLs.

Endpoints just need to consume this role and provide a "RedirectPath()".


Consuming endpoints just have to provide a RedirectPath that will be used to construct the target path. It can have placeholders similar to the RequestPath; these will be populated with data from the URI or Query parameters.

See for example Kernel::WebApp::Controller::API::Frontend::Legacy::Redirects::CustomerTicketZoom:

    # Redirects to the customer ticket detail view with the value of the "TicketNumber" query parameter.
    sub RedirectPath { return '/external/ticket/number/:TicketNumber'; }

    # Query parameter placeholders are also supported:
    sub RedirectPath { return '/external/some/route?TicketNumber=:TicketNumber'; }
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