Kernel::System::DocumentSearch::Filter::Field – Base class for filter fields.


This class implements an abstraction layer for filter modules, that are able to provide form schemata for the frontend, as well as the conversion of filters to be used in Elasticsearch queries.


has UserID

The UserID of the authenticated agent.

has Disabled

Boolean flag to indicate if this field is disabled.

has Applied

Boolean flag to indicate if this field is currently applied.

has Request

Contains the request parameters.

has Operator

Provides the instantiated operator object, that provides functions that are related to the operator value, that was selected in the frontend.

For more information, please refer to Kernel::System::DocumentSearch::Filter::Operator.

has TypeObject

Contains the instantiated filter type objects. Those objects provides functions for form schemata and filter conversion, that are related the current filter field type (date, select, text etc.).

For more information, please refer to Kernel::System::DocumentSearch::Filter::Field::Type.

has LabelSrOnly

Contains the request parameter, that indicates labels, which should just be visible in screen readers.


Contains the filter field type, the current field implements. This value is used to instantiate the needed TypeObject.


Provides the filter field related form schema.


Provides the currently selected value of the filter field.


Provides the value of the filter field used in the form.


Executes the field value conversion to a compatible structure for Elasticsearch queries, if the field is not disabled.



Returns filter field schemata, that are necessary for every single form of a filter field.

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