Kernel::GenericInterface::ErrorHandling – Error object to execute registered error handler modules



Receives the current web service and operation or invoker data, as well as the result of the HandleError method from the related invoker or operation. The data will be printed via the debugger. For every registered error handler its configuration will be checked to determine if it should be called.

    my $Result =  $ErrorObject->HandleError(
        WebserviceID      => 1,                     # ID of the configured remote web service to use
        WebserviceConfig  => $WebserviceConfig,
        CommunicationID   => '02a381c622d5f93df868a42151db1983', # communication ID of current debugger instance
        CommunicationType => 'Requester',           # May be 'Requester' or 'Provider'
        CommunicationName => 'CreateTicket',        # optional, name of Invoker or Operation
        ErrorStage        => 'MappingIn',           # stage where error occurred
        Summary           => $ErrorSummary,
        Data              => $ErrorData,
        PastExecutionData => $PastExecutionDataStructure,   # optional

    $Result = {
        Success      => 0,
        ErrorMessage => $ErrorSummary,              # returns summary from call
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