Automatische Zeitabrechnung

This feature enables automatic time accounting in ticket create screens, ticket detail view and any screens which have Accounted time field. When an agent opens these screens, a timer starts counting the seconds and displays the elapsed time in human readable way in the breadcrumb bar. When the ticket is created or the note is added to an existing ticket, the value of the counter is added automatically to the Accounted time field which is read only now.

The agent can pause and resume the timer any time. The timer remembers its value. If an agent opens the ticket detail view, spends some time to read the articles but do not add new note, the timer remembers the spent time. Next time when the agent opens the same ticket detail view again, the timer continues counting from the elapsed time.

Times are saved into the database per ticket and agent pairs so accounted times are preserved even on closing session.

There are two configurable thresholds when the timer changes its color from green to yellow or to red.

Additionally when this feature is enabled, display of Accounted time in ticket detail view is in HH:MM:SS format. All values saved in the ticket for accounted time is in seconds.

To activate this feature:

  1. Gehen Sie zur Ansicht Systemkonfiguration.

  2. Search for the setting AgentFrontend::Ticket::AccountedTime and make sure it is enabled.

  3. Search for the setting AgentFrontend::AutoTimeAccountingActive and enable it.

  4. Nehmen Sie die Einstellungen in Betrieb.

  5. Go to a ticket create screen or open a ticket detail view and see the running timer.

Siehe auch

Relevant system configurations:

  • AgentFrontend::AutoTimeAccountingActive

  • AgentFrontend::AutoTimeAccounting::ThresholdYellow

  • AgentFrontend::AutoTimeAccounting::ThresholdRed

  • AgentFrontend::AutoTimeAccounting::WhiteListGroups

  • Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###TimeAccountingAutoTrackCleanup

There is a console command Maint::Ticket::TimeAccounting::AutoTrackCleanup to delete old time accounting auto-track entries. This command is run periodically by the OTRS Daemon. The command can be run manually, too.

For more information review the setting Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###TimeAccountingAutoTrackCleanup or execute the command with the --help option.

otrs> bin/ Maint::Ticket::TimeAccounting::AutoTrackCleanup --help
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