Generic Agent – Teaser

Processing tickets require often a workflow. Let’s say “if-then” activities.

If specific conditions match like:

  • A ticket is from one particular customer.
  • A ticket is assigned to an appropriate queue.
  • A ticket has a defined priority.
  • A ticket contains defined keywords.

Outlined activities must be performed like changing the ticket priority, moving the ticket to another group, assigning a service to a ticket, and many more.

Also time-based activities can be required like cleaning up the spam-queue once a week.

OTRS supports this with the Generic Agent. Here, simple or compound time and event-based tasks are configurable in the OTRS front end without the requirement to learn a scripting language. Depending on search criteria, and time or event criteria, tickets will automatically be acted upon.

Use this screen to manage generic agent jobs in the system. A fresh OTRS installation contains no generic agent jobs by default. The generic agent job management screen is available in the Generic Agent module of the Processes & Automation group.


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